Master Unit

Ananda Putta Bhumi is an eco-farm and spiritual center located amidst the enchanting Karkonosze Mountains in the south-west of Poland.
"Ananda Putta Bhumi ' is a Sanskrit name which means "Place of Pure Thoughts". The name reflects a state of mind derived from spiritual practices taught Shrii Shrii Anandamurti also known as Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar.

One of the main activity of Ananda Putta Bhumi is conducting environmental education with spiritual outlook. The approach is spiritual ecology. Maintaining an ecological balance is one of its main goal.

Ananda Putta Bhumi is spiritual center. It is one of the many Ananda Marga Master Units all over the world. In this center, Prout as a comprehensive economic system is being implemented.

Anand Putta Bhumi regularly organizes and hosts environmental and ecological events. Training courses on meditation and yoga are incorporated in all of the events offered to the general public.

The office is managed and directed by Ac. Vanditananda Avt, the Sectorial Master Unit Rector.


In a nutshell, a Master Unit is a self-sufficient zone, based on all-round service, that inspires and offers a more balanced, healthy and proactive lifestyle. Using an economical sustainable model (PROUT), it acts as a nerve centre for the local community, and demonstrates new technologies for environmental sustainability while providing guidelines in order to facilitate its replication.

People can move at unison utilizing fully their potentialities, in harmony with nature and surrounding communities, expanding all possible ways by which they can serve, through education, culture, economics and spiritual upliftment.


Integrated Farming

Self-reliance is the main objective of our farming projects, hence they should be oriented towards production. They should not be dependent on outside resources.


 There are several common points which should be implemented in all Master Units:

1. Schools, including primary, post-primary and higher secondary schools.
2. Hostels, including junior hostels, senior hostels and higher hostels.
3. Children’s homes, including junior homes, senior homes and students homes.
4. Medical units.
5. Cottage industries.
6. Dairy Farms.
7. Plantations.


Besides these common points, there are some special features of Master Units which should also be implemented:

1.  A wheat grinding machine or flour mill to produce flour.
2.  A bakery to produce bread, etc.
3.  A seed bank.
4.  A Cheap Seed Distribution Centre (Sulav Biija Vitaran Kendra).
5.  A Free Plant Distribution Centre. This centre will grow plants from seeds and seedlings.
6.  Sericulture and silk weaving centre.
7.  Bio-gas plants. This means that there must be a dairy farm.
8.  Butter production.
9.   Apiculture.

10. Horticulture, Floriculture

11. Irrigation, pisciculture, pest control.

12. The proper use of fertilizers, energy production,

       research centres and water conservation.

13. An Ideal Farm Training Centre.

      This approach will help make farming projects self-reliant, and should be adopted.


Master units are model rural multi-purpose development centres. The primary requisites of an ideal master unit correspond to the provision of the minimum requirements of food, clothing, housing, education and medical treatment in PROUT. They will expand all possible services, particularly in the fields of education, culture, economics and spiritual upliftment.


On all our Master Units, only bio-fertilizers like compost, cow dung, neem paste, neem spray, etc. should be used. Chemical fertilizers must be avoided. Our Master Unit program is a combination of oriental sublimity and western dynamicity.

However, it is noticeable that whenever chemical fertilizers are used intensively, the land becomes infertile and useless after

some time.

This is because chemical fertilizers destroy the vital energy of the land so that it becomes lifeless, just like cement. Intensive research should be conducted on how to use chemical fertilizers in agriculture without producing any ill effects on the land. In the system of individual farming it is not possible to escape the ill effects of chemical fertilizers.

The solution to this problem lies in the cooperative system. In the cooperative system there is great scope for agricultural research and development to discover new ways to better utilize and prolong the vitality of the land. The benefit of cooperatives is that they combine the wealth and resources of many individuals and harness them in a united way.


From: PROUT in a Nutshell Part 19


Dada Vanditananda


Acarya (Roman Sanskrit: ácárya for a male and ácáryá for a female) is an honorific meaning teacher, especially spiritual teacher. The literal meaning of the word ácárya is "one who teaches by one's own conduct" (Acárańát pát́hayati yah sah ácáryah)